THE JRNY 013 - Investing Our Resources in the Right Things

Hey Reader 👋,

This week was pretty amazing.

There are 2 reasons for this.

One, because I'm starting a new job very soon and already gave in my 2 week's notice, I felt like I could finally see the end of the tunnel. As a result, I've been working pretty well at work. I'm not doing the full 8 hours -and between you and me, I probably never will-, but I'm clocking in a solid 4-6 hours and, most importantly, I'm getting my work done. This feels amazing because since the beginning of 2021, I've always felt bad for not working hard so this has been a good change of pace.

Two, I started playing badminton again !

In hindsight, this was a decision I should have made a long time ago, but couldn't quite bring myself to do it. Why? Sure, money was a part of it, I mean 130$/month is nothing to scoff at. But the main reason was time.

Due to the restrictions and the way the badminton club decided to handle it, I can only play ~1.5h of badminton every time I go. That itself isn't bad, but did I mention that it also takes me ~1.5 hours of transport? Oh, and the only time I can really go is in the morning so I'll have to wake up 2.5 hours earlier.

This is exactly why it took me so long to pull the trigger and sign up. I kept convincing myself that the transport is such a waste of time, it's expensive and I didn't want to be tired during the day.

But then, one evening, everything just clicked together. I was bored out of my mind, probably surfing youtube or trying to find a new manga to read or watching a show and I thought to myself that my life was so boring, there had to be an alternative or else... life "wouldn't be worth living" (don't worry, I wasn't thinking of killing myself, it was just a GOSH LIFE IS BORING though). And I really asked myself, what would I want to do. What exactly would make my life more exciting? The answer that came out was badminton.

That's when I realized that life is about investing your resources in things that excite us.

What's the point of saving 1.5 hours of transport if that time is wasted doing something that I don't like? It's so much better to spend 1.5 hours to do 1.5 hours of something I love than saving 1.5 hours and doing nothing with it.

What's the point of working a job, saving money and then not investing it in things that we love? 130$/month? Please, I for sure spend more than that on more frivolous things every month. Why not spend it on something I actually enjoy?

And being tired? When I wake up to go do something I love, it gives me energy. Okay okay, I still have a hard time waking up early, but once I finish at badminton training, it feels so good. My mind is cleared, my body feels great. Besides, in order to not be tired, all I have to do is sleep earlier. "Oh no, 2 hours less of watching Netflix..." Who cares !

So yeah, that's it for me. I guess what I learned this week is to pay attention to what really matters and invest my resources (time & money) into the things that do.

We shouldn't live to work, we should work to live.


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— Nicholas